Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote in tcep,
Steve Brinich

Lost & Found

I apparently left my copy of Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries/Switzerland behind; there was an announcement at the dead dog that a copy was left on a table after the con. (I would have sworn there was no way something that big could be missing from my bags, but apparently they just didn't pack as tightly on the return trip.) Identifying features to find out for sure:

1. It should have my name/address on a sticker (but apparently not, or somebody would have seen it and known it was my set).
2. Nordic Countries/Switzerland in one (Nordic Countries) box.
3. Extra Switzerland card set (replacement for first-printing cards).
4. Snack-size (about 4x7 inches, ziploc on the long side) bags for pieces/cards.

(A copy of Agricola was also left behind; it's not mine. The annoying thing is that I saw the two games on the table before leaving but didn't make the connection that TtR:NC might be my copy because I know that I don't own Agricola and the two seemed to be part of the same group.)

If it turns out to be my set, please send a message and I'll figure out where and when to collect it.

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