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TCEP 18: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To Laurel

Hey there, everybody!

Well, we just had a meeting of the staff of TCEP, and we are revving up our con engines to once again bring you the best 4 days of gaming and relaxation in the greater DC area!

Yeah, I know I've been a little quiet of late; heck, even my LiveJournal hasn't been updated much in the last few months. Real Live (tm) has done it's level best to distract me from what's really important in life - spending time with friends and having fun.

But enough with that! Pre-registration is officially open for TCEP 18! As usual, it will be held over Labor Day weekend (Sept. 2-5), and we're back at the Holiday Inn Laurel West.

Once again, our prices remain the same:
  • Before July 31:
    • $30 for adults (CHEAP!)
    • $15 for Youth (12-17)
    • Under 12 free with paid adult

  • After July 31 and at the door
    • $40 for adults
    • $20 for Youth (12-17)
    • Under 12 free with paid adult
Hotel rooms are $89/night s/d/t/q occupancy (Reserve by August 3 for group rate; Group Name: BMP)

Our crack team of Game Room Czars have already informed us of some of the fun they have in store, including more "In It To Win It" events. Of course, I'll again be running the Arneson/Gygax Memorial Dungeon Crawl as well as the Junior Roleplaying event aimed at our younger attendees.

Our con suite staff will again be serving up bad movies and fun games in addition to the fresh bread and the usual selection of delicious treats!

New for this year: The hotel will be offering a variety of sandwiches for lunch. I don't have as much detail on this as I would like, but as more details become available, I'll post the information.

Go on over to our website http://barkingmad.org and register now, and keep checking here, on Facebook, and at our website! We're looking forward to seeing you in September!
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