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It's over. Go home. Stop watching!

It's over for another year... more or less.

Membership numbers down a little bit this year - probably because of the wonderful economic condition that the last administration gifted the current one with. Remember, it's all the new guy's fault, or so they say, whoever "they" are.

Much fun had by all. Really. Aside from playing poker late at night (and for charity Saturday evening), and testing out a newly-acquired card game (my prize for finishing 3rd in the poker tournament), I did find time to play one actual board game, and was pleased to be able to win it, particularly because I enjoy Power Grid so.

Hopefully some economic recovery (if any) between now and next Labor Day will allow more people to come next year. Also, my vile, treacherous friends will be hearing from me about their absence at this year's convention. The nerve, having sex with your SO when you could be gaming with US!
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